Off season Redskins

Redskins offseason preview

 Call the 2018 season what you want. Poor coaching, injuries, or poor play. The Redskins lost all momentum they had after Alex Smith’s gruesome leg injury that could cost him his career. They then lost backup Quarterback Colt McCoy went down with a fractured leg.

The Redskins started both Mark Sanchez and Josh Johnson at the end of the season just barely hanging onto their playoff lives by week 16 when they were eliminated in Tennessee.

Many fans were upset the Redskins signed both Sanchez and Johnson without signing former 49ers Quarterback and now political figure Colin Kaepernick. Although many across believe that Kap was blackballed by Rodger Goodell and the NFL owners the signing wouldn’t have made sense for the ‘Skins. 

Kap is an option Quarterback and that wouldn’t have worked in the Jay Gruden west coast offense and Runningbacks Adrian Peterson and Chris Thompson would have struggled after never playing in an offense like that in their career.

Here we are weeks after the season has ended debating if the ‘Skins should draft a Quarterback, Wide Receiver or draft someone on the defensive side of the ball.

The ‘Skins have many questions going into the draft and free agency such as: is this a playoff caliber team? What happened if the ‘Skins had an actual Quarterback? Why is Jay Gruden still the head coach? Many of these questions will be addressed below.

1: Who will be the Quarterback come week one?
After a potentially career-ending leg injury for newly acquired Quarterback Alex Smith, the Redskins currently aren’t sure where to look for a new Quarterback. Some say they are looking to trade up and draft Heisman winner Kyler Murray who is expected to declare for the draft or former Ohio State product Dwyane Haskins.

Joe Flacco’s name has been mentioned in recent weeks but it’s looking like the Ravens plan to keep him in case Lamar Jackson struggles or hurts himself next year. RG3 flashbacks Skins fans?

There’s internal talk that the Redskins are comfortable rolling with backup Colt McCoy and letting Alex Smith work his way back into the lineup if he ever heals up. The Skins were reportedly comfortable starting Colt McCoy this year if they weren’t able to acquire a Quarterback either through a trade or free agency.

2: Keep the defense strong
The reason the Redskins were in so many games this year was because of the defense Jay Gruden and the Redskins front office had assembled. The defense cared and played hard before the Smith injury but after losing so many players due to injury on defense it was difficult for the Redskins to look like they actually cared about winning a game.
The Redskins also need to look at the Strong Saftey position. After cutting D.J. Swearinger after his comments about game calling the Redskins now have a glaring need there that they didn’t expect earlier in the season. Preston Smith is the run stopper the Redskins need to keep their defense good but his contract is up and they need to resign him.

3: Use free agency and the draft wisely
The Redskins can use free agency and the draft to get a leg up on the rest of the NFC East. The Redskins have the assets to trade up in the draft if they wanted to select a Quarterback in the first round. They could potentially trade this year’s first and next years first along with a few picks in the later rounds to finally have the chance to select a franchise play caller.

They could also use the draft as a way to upgrade the O-line Johnah Williams from Alabama or Greg Little from Ole Miss can be seen as upgrades and potentially take over for Morgan Moses or slide in a guard spot.

The Redskins would also need to focus on the middle linebacker in the draft as well after not getting a lot of production during 2018 from that spot. Look for the Skins to target Mack Wilson or Te’von Coney in the second round.

Look for our draft targets starting soon on who the Redskins could draft!

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