Koda Glover Nationals Nats Injuries

Koda Glover Leaves with Elbow Discomfort


Koda Glover was removed from today’s Spring Training game due to “elbow tightness.” Glover has had a pretty rich injury history since joining the big league club in 2016.

Glover has had a bigger injury history since college when he underwent Tommy John Surgery. Glover has also had two rotator cuff issues since coming to the big leagues.

Glover allowed three consecutive walks during his appearance at Rodger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, Florida. Those three walks drew concerns from the coaching staff to take him out from the game.

“We had to take him out,” manager Davey Martinez said.

Martinez also said that they will “see how he feels tomorrow.” When watching the post-game interview, Martinez’s words didn’t seem to be a concern but the look on his face did. The Nationals won’t be able to tell the severity, if any of the injury for a few more days. 

On the positive side, Glover did not report any arm discomfort to the Nationals organization before showing up to West Palm Beach. He came to Spring Training saying he’s feeling “as strong as ever.”

After Glover’s third consecutive walk and a few pitches that were way off target, Nats pitching coach Derek Lilliquist came out to check on the young right-hander. Lilliquist never called a trainer to come to the mound but Glover expressed discomfort when walking off the mound.

Last year, Glover expressed discomfort in his shoulder that cost him the first four and a half months of the regular season. He returned in August to pitch to a 3.31 ERA in 20 appearances.

The Nationals will learn whether they need to go out and find more bullpen help in wake of the injury

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