Why Antonio Brown To The Redskins Just Isn’t Worth It


Many Redskins Nation fans are currently drooling over a potential Antonio Brown trade. Brown is one of the greatest receivers of all time and is arguably the best active receiver right now. Every team in the NFL would kill to have someone as talented as AB on their roster but his attention-seeking personality? Not so much.

The Redskins along with the Raiders and Titans are the three known teams pursuing a trade for Brown. Acquiring Brown would most likely require a first rounder, a third rounder, fifth rounder and a mid rounder in next years draft. The front office is currently divided on a Brown trade and Dan Snyder is one of the front office personnel pushing a trade for Brown.

The Redskins are also known to be in conversations with the Cardinals for 2018 first round quarterback Josh Rosen. A trade for Rosen would most likely require a second and third-round pick.

Would I love to see the Redskins have Antonio Brown based on just his production? Heck yeah! But it’s hard to want him when he’s running his mouth when it should be kept shut. 

Brown’s run into many issues with his arrogant personality. First, he live streamed a team meeting during after a playoff game in 2016. Then, this year he decided to oust both Mike Tomlin and Ben Roethlisberger. Now, they both probably didn’t help the situation with their actions but Brown and his attitude seem to be what started the locker room problems.

The drama between Brown and Steelers got to the point where the Steelers held him out of a week 17 game against the Bengals as during the week before the game missed team workouts and argued with an unnamed teammate. Brown also argued and threw a ball at Big Ben before walking out of a week 17 practice.

Tomlin who has put up with a lot of drama between his players and the Steelers organization most notably the who Le’veon Bell contract dispute called Brown’s attitude “embarrassing” and “the worst he had ever seen.”

Although Roethlisberger has shot down the reports like any other teammate would do, not trying to make their organization look like a dysfunction, many reporters don’t believe Rothslisburger and his words.

When asked about Brown’s ego clashing with Rothlisberger’s, Brown responded with “I don’t have an ego.” Yeah, right. The former fifth-rounder walked out of practice because Rothlisberger didn’t like the effort Brown was giving in a walk through. 

Former Packers receiver and current NFL Network analyst James Jones said that he has heard that Roethlisberger and Brown have a bit of a shaky relationship.

“I have talked to a couple of people in the Pittsburgh Steelers organization and they told me this has been lingering on,” Jones said. “I’ve been told in meetings [Roethlisberger] would take shots at AB. Like, ‘I don’t got to throw you the ball,’ and things like that. Wednesday in practice, I heard he ran the wrong route, Big Ben threw the ball on the ground, said, ‘Get him out of here. Get somebody else in there,’ and that’s when AB was at his boiling point and that’s when he went off.”

“He [Brown] left the team three times,” Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported. “Once for a week in training camp that they covered up. They said he had an injury and he really didn’t. Once on a Monday after they lost to Kansas City and he threw a fit on the sidelines and didn’t show up Monday, and then at the end of the season.”

Brown has shown that his ego sometimes gets the best of him and more than a few early round picks from this year and the future just doesn’t seem worth it for a 33-year-old superstar.

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