Bruce Allen Feels Sense of Urgency to Win, Talks Taking a QB At 15


Redskins executive Bruce Allen has made headlines this off-season for a bunch of different reasons. First, he held his first press conference in nearly a year and a half. Second, he feels a ‘burning’ sense of urgency to win. Uh duh Bruce, we the fans have been saying these things ever since Dan Snyder bought the team.

Now Bruce is saying that the Redskins don’t need to add a quarterback in the draft after adding Case Keenum via trade from the Broncosearlier in the off-season.

NBC Sports Washington writer J.P. Finley held a one-on-one interview with Allen this week. It was surprising to see Bruce go one-on-one with a reporter because that’s something he almost never does.

“There’s a need to win every season,” Allen told Finley. “If we try to force something, it won’t work.”

Even though Allen believes in the urgency to win, he also told Finley that the Redskins won’t reach for the top quarterbacks available when they select 15th overall.

Washington has long been connected to the second tier of quarterbacks available in the draft. Duke’s Daniel Jones and Missouri’s Drew Lock have been the second tiers connected to the Redskins throughout the off-season. If drafted, they would presumably sit behind Keenum during the 2019 season while learning the ropes of a NFL quarterback during their rookie seasons.

The Redskins have also been connected to trading for the Jets’ third overall pick and taking Ohio State quarterback Dwyane Haskins. The Redskins are reported to be holding an interview with Haskins and have attended his pro day at Ohio State last week. He will also work out for the Redskins and visit with them before the NFL Draft. 

Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen has also come up in Redskins trade rumors throughout the off-season. Arizona traded a king’s ransom to acquire Rosen during last years draft by trading up for the 10th overall pick. Rosen said he was “going to make the nine teams that passed on him regret their mistake.”

The trade talks will or have most likely started with the Redskins 1st rounder but it’s no sure thing the Redskins will be ready to give it up. Many around the league believe Rosen will only require a second and a third after his subpar rookie season. If the Redskins are able to acquire Rosen and keep the 15th overall pick the deal could change the franchise around

Whatever the case is for Bruce Allen and the Redskins, the fans would enjoy seeing a sustainable winning product on the field for the first time since the Joe Gibbs era.

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