Dan Jennings Nationals

Nationals Sign Dan Jennings to a Minor-League Deal


The Nationals will sign reliever Dan Jennings to a minor league deal to help solve their early season bullpen troubles. 

Jennings, 31, signed a major league deal with the with the Los Angeles Angels late February but was released after a rough spring where he allowed seven runs in 6.2 innings pitched. 

Jennings has shown a great deal of success every season since he was called up. The southpaw has only carried an ERA above 3.50 twice in seven major league seasons. 

Jennings has success working out of the Brewers bullpen last season pitching to a 3.22 ERA in 64.1 innings. His strikeout numbers took a hit after only posting 6.3 strikeouts per nine. 

The Nationals have had problems solving their bullpen troubles. They attempted to sign Bud Norris but after evaluation, they determined that Norris wouldn’t be ready for another four to five weeks. 

The Nats bullpen has an atrocious ERA of 7.75 to start the first 14 games of play. There’s been speculation that the Nationals would look to sign a big name reliever like Craig Kimberl to solve the 8th inning problem. Signing Kimberl would allow Sean Doolittle to move to the 8th inning role which would allow Nats fans to relax during the 8th inning which has been the bullpens worst inning. 

The Nats most likely won’t sign Kimberl due to his asking price and their luxury tax concerns. The Nats may look at signing more relievers like Dan Jennings

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