Cardinals to skip on Kyler Murray: What it could mean for the Redskins


A rumor came out Sunday night that said that the Arizona Cardinals will not take Kyler Murray with the 1st pick in the upcoming NFL Draft.  Many people had thought that the Cardinals would select the 2018 Heisman Trophy winner after Josh Rosen’s abysmal rookie season. That does not seem to be the case anymore.  Pete Prisco of said, “I’ve been told that the Cardinals will not take Kyler Murray.” 

If the Cardinals pass on Murray, it could have an impact on the Redskins draft.  Redskins fans do not have the most confidence in Case Keenum, who threw 18 touchdowns and 15 interceptions last season.  With Josh Rosen now most likely off the market, the Redskins have to grab a quarterback in the draft or hope 2017 Case Keenum shows up.

A few of quarterbacks that the Redskins should target are Dwayne Haskins, Drew Lock and Will Grier.  If rumors hold true the Redskins would select Haskins with the 15th pick or trade up for him.

The Redskins have been reported to be in negotiations with teams picking inside the top five. The Redskins (Snyder and Allen) are more than willing to move up in the draft to select Haskins. 

Drew Lock is a top 3 quarterback in this year’s draft.  He could easily fall to the Redskins at 15. Lock has probably the strongest arm in the draft this year.  He has great size at 6’4 and he can absolutely sling the ball.

Wide receiver is probably the biggest need on this team so it is likely the ‘Skins take a wide receiver at 15.  If that is the case, Will Grier is a great mid-round option. He is currently projected as a 2nd-4th round pick. He is very accurate on deep balls and can make pre-snap adjustments really well.  He would be a steal.

If the rumors are true and the Cardinals do pass on Kyler Murray, the Redskins are in a good spot to draft one.  Josh Rosen would have been a good player who has a year of experience under his belt but the Redskins are in a good spot to draft a quarterback in a loaded class.  

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