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Redskins split on which Quarterback to draft


The Redskins front office and coaching staff are split on which quarterback to take during the first round of the NFL Draft tonight. The staff is also in disagreement on which position to select in the first round. 

Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen are sold on Dawyne Haskins and his ability under center while others in the front office and coaching staff prefer Duke quarterback Daniel Jones. 

The Redskins would likely have to move up to the top 10 to select Haskins as he will most likely be gone by then. It was rumored today that the Giants are sold on taking Jones with the sixth overall pick. 

Washington also has needs on the offensive line, wide receiver, pass rusher and cornerback. 

As of now, the Redskins have Colt McCoy and Case Keenum on the active roster as they are set to battle it out for the starting spot in training camp. Alex Smith will likely be placed on injured reserve by the time the regular season rolls around. 

Senior VP of player personnel Doug Williams said told reporters earlier this week that the Redskins were more than likely to trade down than trade up.

“Well, I’ve said all along, the chance of trading up is a lot slimmer than trading back,” Williams said. “I’m going to go on the record and say that’s a possibility that we won’t trade up, but there’s a great possibility we’ll trade back if that opportunity came.”

If Snyder is actually taking over the draft it doesn’t matter what Williams thinks or wants to do with the draft. Snyder and Haskins both have ties to each other as Haskins and Snyder’s son both attended the same high school.

Haskins has expressed excitement to play for the Redskins as he has ties to the DC area. Haskins also says he has a good relationship with Snyder. 

“For me to be able to go back in DC, somewhere where I also grew up at, went to high school at, is definitely a lot of fun for me to be able to spend time with [Doug Williams], coach Gruden and the rest of the offensive staff,” Haskins said. “I think the Redskins are a great place to be.”

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