Anthony Rendon Extension Nationals

Scott Boras says ‘ship has sailed’ on Rendon extension talks


Super agent Scot Boras has started to tell people that the Nationals have missed their chance at re-signing third baseman Anthony Rendon. Theoretically, there’s still a ton of time for the Nats to re-sign Rendon given that he doesn’t become a free agent until five days after the World Series. 

“Here’s something I heard from someone who recently talked to Scott Boras,” Grant Paulsen said on Grant & Danny Tuesday. “Apparently, he told that person that the Nationals already missed the boat on getting a deal done with Anthony Rendon.”

Officially it’s up to Rendon where he signs but Boras seems to be making noise as to where Rendon will ultimately wind up come free agency. 

Extension talks had come to a halt in spring training after Boras and Rendon asked for a Nolan Arenado-like extension which would cost the Nats around $250 million. The team was willing to give Rendon anywhere between $160-180 million. 

However, the Lerner family and General Manager Mike Rizzo have been said to resume extension talks when the two sides met in April. 

“Anthony Rendon has said a million times, ‘I’m not Bryce Harper. If I want to re-sign and be here, I’m gonna re-sign and be here,” Paulsen told the Junkies on 106.7 The Fan on Monday.

Rendon has been a key part of Washington’s success over the past seven seasons. This season Rendon is swinging a hot bat which will need to remain hot if the Nats want to get back into the playoff race.

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