Fredericksburg Baseball Nationals

Fredericksburg Baseball stadium close to start of construction, club not in any danger of violating agreement if stadium not open by 2020


Fredericksburg baseball fans are one step closer to seeing Minor League Baseball in the ‘burg. The team announced today that construction on the new stadium is set to begin in July. 

Currently, the site stands dormant with rocks, trees, dirt and even a local business sign that needs to be excavated before construction were even to begin.

The Nationals’ Single A Advanced affiliate, the Potomac Nationals, plans to make the move down from their current stadium in Woodbridge to Fredericksburg by 2020. 

“Site work is set to begin in early July on the stadium to be located in Celebrate Virginia South,” the team wrote in a press release.

The $35 million state-of-the-art stadium is slated to open in time for Opening Day 2020 which broke ground back in February where over 1,000 fans were on-hand to participate in the festivities. 

Even if the team weren’t able to open the stadium due to construction delays they wouldn’t be in violation of the agreement with the city. The city gave them a little leeway in the agreement. The agreement states that Fredericksburg would have the right to terminate the contract if the stadium weren’t ready by April 1, 2021.

In the agreement, the city will pay the ballclub $1.05 million every year for the next 30 years. In return the ballclub will privately fund the stadium. 

The city’s financial obligation on the first day of the fourth calendar month after the Commencement Date. The Commencement Date is defined as “the date on which the Stadium has received its temporary occupancy permit and is actually available for city events.”

The team has already sold all 13 suites in its stadium and already has more than 1,250 members of its Founders Club. Founders Club members have priority season ticket seating when it becomes available in July. 

“[It’s] unheard of to sell every suite a year before the stadiums opening,” part owner Seth Silber said back in February. 

The stadium will also include a family fun pavilion, a water park, a home run porch, an ice skating rink, a year-round restaurant and 5,000 seats.

The team will also discount tickets to military members every Sunday in their partnership with SimVentions. They will also include a “Hats off to Heros” with the playing of God Bless America during the 7th inning stretch. Their parent ball club, the Washington Nationals participate in the same ceremony every home game.

The team had more than 2,400 responses in its “Name The Team” contest that was conducted during April. Fredericksburg residents provided input on the name, mascot and colors.

The team plans to unveil the team name and logo to fans at a public event in the early fall. 

“Based on this incredible response, Fredericksburg Baseball is moving forward with finalizing the team name, developing a new logo and uniform designs,” Fredericksburg Baseball said. “The team plans to unveil the team name and logo to its fans early this fall at a public event.”

Fredericksburg Baseball plans to open its downtown store on July 5 located on the first floor at 601 Caroline Street. The team plans to have the store open from 2-6 pm that day. 

Fans will be able to buy all types of Fredericksburg merchandise. The merchandise fans can buy are hats, t-shirts and much more.

Fans can see the progress on the stadium’s construction at the team’s official website at and follow the team on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. 

The Potomac Nationals won the Carolina League Mills Cup as recently as 2014. The P-Nats won the Northern Division last year but ultimately fell short in a one-game, shortened series against the Bluies Creek Astros

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