Trevor Rosenthal released, Re-live Rosenthal’s ugly career with nats


The $7 million man that was supposed to be set-up man coming into the season and set up Sean Doolittle for a save has been released by the Nationals just three-and-a-half months into the season.

Trevor Rosenthal wasn’t even close to what the Nationals envisioned he’d be when they signed him early in the free agency period.

Rosenthal was coming off Tommy John Surgery and missed the 2018 campagin after undergoing the procedure during the 2017 season. After having early success with the Cardinals earlier in his career before being non-tendered due to a torn elbow ligament Rosenthal was suppoesed to rebound his career with Washington.

After just six-and-a-third innings in 12 games with the team including an Injured List stint Nationals General Manager Mike Rizzo decided that he had seen enough from Rosenthal. The last straw came in Saturday nights ball game when Rosenthal failed to record an after walking the bases loaded when the Nats led 8-4. Rosenthal’s three walks gave the Braves hope and crushed the Nationals 13-9 when everything was all said and done.

Rosenthal’s season started the game way his Nationals career ended. Rosenthal failed to record an out until the fifth game he pitched in. Things didn’t get any easier for Rosenthal after that giving up a run in his next three games before being placed on the IL with a “virus infection” on April 24.

Rosenthal then spent the next 46 days on the IL and made his return to the Nationals on June 10. Rosenthal did end up finding some success for a few games at least when he only allowed one runner to score in his next three games and actually picked up a hold during Thursday nights game.

Rosenthal ends his Nats career with a 22.74 ERA in 12 games with a WHIP of 3.632. Rosenthal ended up walking 15 batters which is Equivalent to 21.3 walks-per-nine-innings and only striking out five.

All in all, Rosenthal’s signing should be one to forget for the Nats ownership. At least they owned up to the mistake and ate the $7 million Rosenthal was slated to earn.

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