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Doug williams: QB decision will be made by Ownership, Allen and Gruden


Redskins Head Coach Jay Gruden won’t be the only person making the Week 1 starting quarterback decision. Doug Williams went on record yesterday to say that both Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder will be involved in selecting the starting quarterback. 

“I know there’s words out there that [Haskins] might end up starting, and that could happen, but at the end of the day that’s going to be on Jay, myself and probably Bruce [Allen] and the owner and what he does during preseason and to see where we are as a team to make that decision,” Williams said.

As of now the Redskins have three quarterbacks battling it out. Case Keenum, Dwayne Haskins and Colt McCoy are in the mix to become the starter. 

Some Redskins former players have expressed that they would be okay with Haskins sitting for at least the first six weeks of the season where they take on five teams that made the playoffs last year including the defending Super Bowl champions. 

“To put him out there early against those teams, it’s just a formula for disaster for the team, for Jay [Gruden], for the fans and everybody else,” Redskins legendary quarterback Joe Theismann said.

Former Redskins legend Clinton Portis agrees with Thiesmann’s statements and believes that the Redskins should hold off starting Haskins right away. 

“Gruden says ‘Well Haskins, his talent is obvious, and he deserves a chance to start.’ True,” Portis said to reporters. “I think it’s too early, and we’ve been having this conversation for the past three or four weeks, I think it’s too early to put Haskins into the fire because of the beginning of your schedule. This could be make or break, and I don’t think you want to start Haskins off behind the eight ball.”

Keenum has been working with Jay Gruden and his system for a few weeks now since OTA’s and is now starting to feel like he could thrive in Gruden’s system.

“I feel good. I feel good with the work that I’ve put in and what I’ve been able to do,” Keenum told reporters. “I’m also really hard on myself and I want to be great. I want to be really good. I love this system, I really do. I think Jay [Gruden] has done a great job putting it together, and I think [Kevin O’Connell], [Matt Cavanaugh], Tim [Rattay], all those guys too. I think it’s really well presented and put together really good. I think I can thrive in it. So, I want to push it to the next level.”

Meanwhile, Colt McCoy still hasn’t stepped out on the practice field but Gruden says that McCoy will be good to go by training camp. Many give McCoy the upper hand due to the fact he’s been in Jay Gruden’s system for the past four years. 

According to J.P. Finley of NBC Sports Washington, the Redskins coaching staff still hasn’t counted out McCoy as week one’s starter. 

“We would love for him to take some reps, but obviously his health is more important right now than anything, and that is the most important thing for him,” Gruden said of McCoy. “When his time comes it will come quickly. He will be ready.”

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