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John Wall’s rehab update


John Wall was seen a few weeks ago at a Washington Mystics game without a brace on his ankle showing signs that his rehab was progressing well.

Monday night during the NBA Awards, the point guard went on the record to say that his ankle is getting healthier and stronger.

“I feel great, man,” Wall told NBC Sports Washington’s Chris Miller on the red carpet. “I’m doing a great job with my body, taking care of that.”

Wall’s progress on his torn Achilles has been slow but it’s been progressing well but Wall announced that he was about to hit a huge milestone in his recovery.

“I’m about to start jogging in like two weeks. Just riding the bike, I get to do exercises standing up now, so I don’t have to sit down. I’m able to move, do ladder steps, doing those types of things,” Wall said. “Just taking my time and progressing and letting everything heal the right way so I don’t force myself back and get another injury.”

As Wall continues to progress many wonder if he’ll ever be able to run at the elite level he did before all his leg injuries. He’s heard those comments and is ready to fuel the negative energy into motivation.

“I’m one of those guys that’s very driven by all the hate and all the negative talk I’m getting. Keep it going,” Wall said. “Everybody said I can’t be myself, I won’t be nowhere near as good again. That’s all the other stuff that’s going to fuel me. I don’t get upset about it, you’re entitled to your own opinion. Please keep it going.”

Wall is expected to be out until at least late February but there is a chance that he’s out until the 2020-2021 season.

Wall’s four-year supermax deal kicks in at the beginning of next season.

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