Max Scherzer Nationals

Max Scherzer wins NL Pitcher of the Month


They don’t call him Mad Max for nothing. Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer has been named National League Pitcher of the month after an ungodly month on the mound.

Throughout the month of June, Scherzer went 6-0 with a 1.00 ERA (only five earned in 45 innings) 68 strikeouts and five walks in six starts.

The Nationals have the best record in baseball since May 26 and much of the season turnaround and surge can be accredited to Scherzer’s intensity and success on the mound.

Scherzer became the first pitcher in baseball history to strike out at least 68 batters while issuing no more than five walks in a calendar month.

Scherzer also moved up and is now sitting at No. 25 all time in career strikeouts with 2,619.

This season, Scherzer leads all of baseball in innings pitched with 122 ⅓ and strikeouts with 170. This is Scherzer’s first NL Pitcher of the month since winning back-to-back awards in April and May 2018.

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