Bradley Beal Wizards

Wizards to offer Bradley Beal extension at “first possible moment”


After trade rumors swirl around Wizards shooting guard Bradley Beal, the Wizards have shown no interest in trading their superstar as that proves evident with the Wizards plans to offer Beal three-year, $111 million extension at the first possible moment according to ESPN.

Beal is eligible to sign the max extension at midnight on Friday. Beal would have until Oct. 21 to sign the extension which would begin during the 2021-2022 season.

“At the very first moment allowed, we are going to offer Brad the full max extension,” Wizards GM Tommy Sheppard told ESPN.

Beal’s agent, Mark Bartelstien told ESPN that Beal would take some time to decide whether or not he would sign the extension.

“There are moments in a career where there are big decisions to make, and Brad will work through everything and figure out the right thing to do,” Bartelstein told ESPN. “There are nothing but great feelings for Ted [Leonsis], Tommy and Scott [Brooks]. They’ve treated Brad wonderfully.”

The Wizards are also prepared to offer Beal a one or two-year max deal to Beal if he shows a lack of interest in the three-year deal.

The 26-year-old showed willingness to work with the Wizards during extension talks in 2015 when he waited to sign his extension so the Wizards could keep their salary cap space early in the 2016 free agency period in case the Wizards added a superstar like Kevin Durant.

He’s got two years left on his deal, and he’s from Missouri and we are going to have to show him,” Sheppard told ESPN. “We need to show him that we are about building this the right way, that we aren’t going to have character-deficient guys around him. We are going to surround him with guys he wants to play with. He saw that right away in free agency with us bringing back Thomas Bryant.”

If Beal were named to an All-NBA team next season he would be eligible to sign a five-year, $254 million super-max extension which is similar to the extension John Wall signed prior to the 2017-2018 season.

Some NBA executives told sources that Beal might not be interested in staying in Washington D.C. for the entirety of his career.

“He’s out of there,” one NBA executive told The Washington Post.

Beal has expressed interest in returning to the Wizards but wants to keep his options open as many, including Beal, aren’t sure how long the Wizards rebuild/reload will last until they are in title contention again.

“I’d be naive to say I wouldn’t be [interested in extension talks],” Beal told The Washington Post on June 24. “Washington is where I’ve been the last seven years, going on eight. It would be great to play in one place forever. But at the same time, you want to win and make sure you’re in a position to do so. I’m definitely going to evaluate who we hire as the GM and who we pick up on the team. All that plays a factor.”

Beal had a career year during the 2018-2019 season averaging 25.6 points and shooting 47.5% and was the focal point of the offense after John Wall went down with his ankle injuries.

If Beal isn’t traded, he will remain in Washington for at least two more seasons while being paid $55 million for his services.

Beal won’t likely be traded by the Wizards which is something they stuck to when they traded Otto Porter Jr. to the Bulls before the trade deadline in February. They have publicly maintained that route this off-season after the Pelicans called and asked about Beal’s availability. Washington declined to talk to any teams about trading Beal.

Although Beal isn’t on the trade market it hasn’t stopped attracting interest from teams who will be in the playoff race next season and beyond as the Heat, who just acquired Jimmy Butler, were connected to the Bradley Beal trade rumors according to the Miami Herald.

The Heat reportedly inquired about a potential trade for Beal earlier this month. The Heat were also interested in taking on John Wall’s contract which has turned into an atrocious mess for the Wizards this off-season. Wall is owed $141.1 million over the next four years but will be out of action until February at the earliest.

Sheppard has told multiple members from the media that the Wizards aren’t interested in trading Beal or Wall.

“It’s never crossed our mind,” Sheppard told The Athletic “Bradley is somebody we’re building around. He’s been involved with everything we’re doing in the draft, free agency. We need his opinion. We want this team to be a reflection of what he is all about.”

As for Wall Sheppard told The Athletic that Wall was “one of the top players in the NBA hands-down.” Sheppard believes that Wall will be able to get back into peak shape and continue to take the Wizards to the playoffs.

If the Wizards were to trade Beal they would need to pull off a Paul George to the Clippers type trade and acquire four-to-five first round picks and a couple of young players that are already in the league.

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