Alex Smith Case Keenum Colt McCoy Dwyane Haskins Quarterback Battle Redskins Training Camp

Redskins Quarterback Battle Update: Day 1

RICHMOND– Football season is upon us once again folks! The Redskins opened their 2019 training camp session earlier this morning when they took the field around 9:45. Here are the biggest takeaways from the quarterback battle.

The Redskins have entered training camp with a quarterback battle for the first time since 2011, the year before Robert Griffin III was drafted. Alex Smith was supposed to be the starter for three more seasons but after a potential career ending injury last season the Redskins were forced to trade for Broncos quarterback Case Keenum and draft Ohio State product Dwyane Haskins in the first round of the NFL Draft. 

So far, quarterback reps have basically stayed the same since mini-camp in June with Case Keenum taking most of the first team reps with Haskins trailing behind Keenum in reps. Longtime backup Colt McCoy was also out on the field for the first time since breaking his leg last season. McCoy missed mini-camp in June after he underwent a third procedure on his leg that is now fully healed.

McCoy trailed Keenum but was ahead of Haskins in total first team reps but looked more comfortable out of the three in Jay Gruden’s west coast offense to begin training camp. McCoy also turned the ball over the most during drills which is his biggest knock during regular season games. On a positive note, McCoy made many pre-snap adjustments that looked smoother than the other two quarterbacks likely due to his familiarity of Jay Gruden’s offense.

Keenum looked a little rusty and loose with the football early in the day but made adjustments to his game to eventually look and play the best out of the three. Early in the day during 7-on-7 drills, Keenum missed an ugly check-down pass. Keenum’s improvements came during a two-minute drill session at the end of practice when he connected on a deep ball to third-round rookie Terry McLaurin.

Haskins looked like a rookie during his first-team reps. Sure, his scout-beloved deep ball was as pretty as it was at Ohio State but he looked like he sometimes looked confused when making pre-snap adjustments. Haskins also got the snap count wrong which made an offensive lineman jump to which Gruden yelled “That’s not on you, that’s on the quarterback!”

So far it seems that Keenum has the edge on both McCoy and Haskins on the quarterback race. But then again it’s only day one of camp and Week 1 is over a month-and-a-half away.

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