BIG12 Predictions: Familiar Face on Top

Texas QB Sam Ehlinger, Iowa State QB Brock Purdy, Oklahoma QB Jalen Hurts

BIG 12

The Big12 is an awkward conference to predict, especially since there’s no divisions. You obviously have the powerhouse Sooners and Longhorns, but after that you have some questions to answer. There are rebuilders, contenders, .500 teams, and a whole lot of guesses. Lots of transfers, new coaches, and weird storylines to follow. But here goes nothin’.

  1. Oklahoma (12-0)
  2. Texas (10-2)
  3. Oklahoma State (10-2)
  4. Baylor (8-4)
  5. Iowa State (8-4)
  6. TCU (7-5)
  7. Texas Tech (6-6)
  8. Kansas (3-9)
  9. West Virginia (2-10)
  10. Kansas State (2-10)

Big12 Winner: Oklahoma Sooners


AUG 31st– Stephen F Austin – WIN


SEP 21st– @RICE – WIN

SEP 28th– Iowa State – Win

OCT 5th– @Kansas State- Win

OCT 12th– Texas Tech – WIN

OCT 19th– @Oklahoma St – LOSS

Oct 31st– West Virginia – WIN

Nov 9th– @TCU – LOSS

Nov 16th– Oklahoma – LOSS

Nov 23rd– Texas – LOSS

Nov 30th– @Kansas – WIN

The last truly successful season for the Baylor Bears was with RG3 at the helm. But with Junior Charlie Brewer leading the team, they are poised to make a jump in the conference. Matt Rhule is on the comeback trail, improving from an abysmal 1-11 two years ago. The problem I see with Baylor is that the back of their schedule is so heavy, they could get fatigued and tire out within that stretch. Even still, I believe Baylor is poised for an improvement.

Iowa State

AUG 31st– Northern Iowa – WIN

SEP 14th– Iowa – LOSS

SEP 21st– ULM – WIN

SEP 28th– @Baylor – WIN

OCT 5th– TCU – WIN

OCT 12th– @West Virginia – WIN

OCT 19th– @Texas Tech – WIN

Oct 26th– Oklahoma State – LOSS

Nov 9th– @Oklahoma – LOSS

Nov 16th– Texas – LOSS

Nov 23rd– Kansas – WIN

Nov 30th– @Kansas State – WIN

The Cyclones lost offensive studs Hakeem Butler and David Montgomery to the NFL draft, but I do believe sophomore QB Brock Purdy has the necessary tools around him to get the job done, with losses against in state rival Iowa, and OK State, OU, and Texas. The Cyclones make a bowl game. Maybe they bring back the name Upset U. Who knows.


AUG 31st– Indiana State – WIN

SEP 7th– Coastal Carolina – WIN

Sep 13th– @Boston College – LOSS

SEP 21st– West Virginia – LOSS

SEP 28th– @TCU – LOSS

OCT 5th– Oklahoma – LOSS

OCT 19th– @Texas – LOSS

Oct 26th– Texas Tech – LOSS

Nov 2nd– Kansas State – WIN

Nov 16th– @Oklahoma ST – LOSS

Nov 23rd– @Iowa State – LOSS

Nov 30th– Baylor – LOSS

Yes they have National Championship winning coach Les Miles. Yes they have star running back Pooka Williams reinstated. But being severely lacking at other positions limits the team to just 3 wins in my predicitions. Once Les Miles has a full offseason to recruit, I believe they bring in more talent and make their way back to the top of the conference.

Kansas State

AUG 31st– Nicholls – WIN

SEP 7th– Bowling Green – WIN

Sep 14th– @Mississippi St – LOSS

SEP 28th– @Oklahoma State – LOSS

OCT 5th– Baylor – LOSS

OCT 19th– TCU – LOSS

Oct 26th– Oklahoma – LOSS

Nov 2nd– @Kansas – LOSS

Nov 9th– @Texas – LOSS

Nov 16th– West Virginia – LOSS

Nov 23rd– @Texas Tech – LOSS

Nov 30th– Iowa State – LOSS

Losing Generational Coach Bill Snyder proves tough for the Wildcats. They also lose their top four running backs to the Draft, and the run heavy offense will suffer because of that. I do like new coach Chris Klieman. I just think there’s too many Big12 teams on the rise for them to be successful so soon in their rebuild.


Sep 1st– Houston – WIN

SEP 7th– South Dakota – WIN

Sep 14th– @UCLA – WIN

SEP 28th– Texas Tech – WIN

OCT 5th– @Kansas -WIN

Oct 12th– Texas – WIN

OCT 19th– West Virginia – WIN

Oct 26th– @Kansas State – WIN

Nov 9th– Iowa State – WIN

Nov 16th– @Baylor – WIN

Nov 23rd– TCU – WIN

Nov 30th– @Oklahoma State – WIN

I like the Sooners. They have some real talent on the offensive side of the ball. They have a championship caliber QB, and if Hurts doesn’t end up working out, they have Spencer Rattler. Their defense scares me a little if competing for the Championship, but schedule wise, I see the Sooners for sure winning 11 games, and I think they win the Red River Shootout. Titlewise? Their defense has to prove themselves.

Oklahoma State

AUG 30th– @Oregon State – WIN

SEP 7th– McNeese – WIN

Sep 14th– @Tulsa – WIN

Sep 21st– @Texas – LOSS

SEP 28th– Kansas State – WIN

OCT 5th– @Texas Tech – WIN

OCT 19th– Baylor – WIN

Oct 26th– @Iowa State – WIN

Nov 2nd– TCU – WIN

Nov 16th– Kansas – WIN

Nov 23rd– @West Virginia – WIN

Nov 30th– Oklahoma – LOSS

Mike Gundy’s deep threat offense is sure, as always, to torch the lackluster Big 12 defenses. They can’t seem to generate the winning formula against rivals Oklahoma and Texas in recent years, always falling in extremely close games. The gamechanger for the Pokes is WR Tylan Wallace. He broke 200 yards in both rivalry games last year, and is set to have another great year. I still don’t think the Cowboys beat the Sooners or Texas.


AUG 31st– UAPB – WIN

Sep 14th– @Purdue – WIN

Sep 21st– SMU -WIN

SEP 28th– Kansas – WIN

OCT 5th– @Iowa State – LOSS

OCT 19th– @Kansas State – WIN

Oct 26th– Texas – LOSS

Nov 2nd– @Oklahoma State – LOSS

Nov 9th– Baylor – WIN

Nov 16th– @Texas Tech – LOSS

Nov 23rd– @Oklahoma – LOSS

Nov 29th– West Virginia – WIN

Gary Patterson is one of the best coaches in College Football. Jalen Reagor is a fantastic WR talent. The problem is that they don’t have a clear cut answer at QB. They have KState transfer Alex Delton as a favorite, so we’ll see how that plays out. Reagor is an offensive monster, but if you don’t have a solid QB that can get him the ball, it all is for nothing.


AUG 31st– Louisiana Tech – WIN

Sep 7th– LSU – LOSS

Sep 14th– Rice – WIN

Sep 21st– Oklahoma State – WIN

OCT 5th– @West Virginia – WIN

Oct 12th– Oklahoma – LOSS

OCT 19th– Kansas – WIN

Oct 26th– TCU – WIN

Nov 9th– Kansas State – WIN

Nov 16th– @Iowa State – WIN

Nov 23rd– @Baylor – WIN

Nov 29th– Texas Tech – WIN

The Longhorns ended last year on a high note with a win over Georgia. So you’d think that they’d be good enough to beat fellow SEC member LSU in Arlington. Wrong. I think LSU’s talent on both sides of the ball outweigh Texas. Besides that and the Sooners, I think Texas wins behind Ehlinger and their young talent. Tom Herman is getting more comfortable in the Big 12, and they improve.

Texas Tech

AUG 31st– Montana State – WIN

Sep 7th– UTEP – WIN

Sep 14th– @Arizona – WIN

Sep 28th– @Oklahoma – LOSS

OCT 5th– Oklahoma State – LOSS

Oct 12th– @Baylor – LOSS

OCT 19th– Iowa State – LOSS

Oct 26th– @Kansas – WIN

Nov 9th– @West Virginia – WIN

Nov 16th– TCU – LOSS

Nov 23rd– Kansas State – WIN

Nov 29th– @Texas – LOSS

Kliff Kingsbury is gone. They lost close games last season, and have a successful new coach in Matt Wells. Alan Bowman leads the Air Raid Offense with veteran targets TJ Vasher and Seth Collins. Their defense last season was less than stellar, but their defensive veterans Riko Jeffers and Jordyn Brooks come back and are looking for solid seasons. They need more turnovers, but new DC Keith Patterson generated the most in the FBS last year. Even still, they need to prove both a stable offense and defense to win in the Big 12. 

West Virginia

AUG 31st– James Madison – LOSS

Sep 7th– @Missouri – LOSS

Sep 14th– NC State – LOSS

Sep 21st– @Kansas – WIN

OCT 5th– Texas – LOSS

Oct 12th– Iowa State – LOSS

OCT 19th– @Oklahoma – LOSS

Oct 31st– @Baylor – LOSS

Nov 9th– Texas Tech – LOSS

Nov 16th– @Kansas State – WIN

Nov 23rd– Oklahoma State – LOSS

Nov 29th– @TCU – LOSS

Dana Holgerson loses Star QB Will Grier and WR David Sills. So where does that leave them? Not in the best spot. With a couple early trap games including JMU (which I’m predicting an upset), I don’t predict the Mountaineers even remotely competing in the Big12 in the same way they did last year. 

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